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what is write to wealth? 

Write to Wealth is an interactive 90 Minute class for entrepreneurs looking to turn their zone of intellectual genius into a digital product that successfully solves the problems of their audience and brings in daily sales. In this class we use Canva to create ebooks and digital offers that sell for our business every day! 


if you don't have a digital product in your business, you are missing out on daily sales! after this class you will "get it".  


June 12, 2024 

3pm CST - 5:00pm CST

How to get started 

Your Seat

purchase your ticket to the class (Yes payment plans are available). 

Your Email

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See you
in class

Class will start on time. so come ready with your computer, pen and paper! 



 You've been wanting to create an ebook and it may not be working out for you

TRIGGER WARNING: If you haven't earned money while comfortably lying in bed, you haven't truly experienced passive income.

Let's bypass the question of "how do I do that?" and dive into this class

We'll guide you through the process of constructing and designing your bestselling ebook using Canva! 



get ready to create your next bestselling ebook with us using canva

What's included 

1. Live demonstration in Canva, showing you how to fully design your ebook cover and content.

2. Access To Write to Wealth community to stay connected with the people you meet in the class.

3. Discover the secret to making every day a payday with a low-ticket ebook offer.

4. Access the replay for one week 


You are in the
right place if...

You have a passion for creating and want to turn your ideas into a digital product

You appreciate a fun, engaging, and interactive learning experience

You're an entrepreneur looking to expand your product offerings with an ebook.

You're eager to learn the behind-the-scenes secrets of making every pay day with a digital product 

You feel overwhelmed by the thought of designing and self-publishing an ebook

You're looking for practical, easy-to-follow steps that simplify the ebook design and launch process


Secure Your Seat Now 

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Helllo, I'm Kendra

DigitalLaunch Educator

With over 6 +  years of experience in branding and marketing My eyes light up every time I see an entrepreneur launch something they previously deemed and defined as "too hard for me." I have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to successfully design digital products using Canva! 


The purpose of this class is not only to help you understand the science behind a successful ebook design and launch but also to show you that it's not as hard as you might think. My teaching style is what I like to call "colorfully uncomplicated." I break things down step-by-step in a way that is fun and not like a typical webinar or presentation-style class. These Canva classes and experiences are interactive and packed with practical, easy-to-follow steps.


In each class, I have done the work to ensure you get all formats, sizes, my favorite fonts, my favorite elements, and everything you need to self-publish your ebook. You will also hear the backstory of how I went from designing at my kitchen table next to the trash can to having multiple $50k months repeatedly.


By the end of this class, you'll have the confidence and skills to create and launch and self design your own ebook using Canva! 

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